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As a mentor, my main approach to music shifted when I began exploring different styles of composition. I discovered a deep love for music programming and live improvisation. I notice how my creative flow began to flourish as soon as I allowed myself the freedom to tune into my unique expression. I began enjoying new aspects of music making, which I never dreamed of.

Learning about the gifts of each side of the brain helped me understand how to work with them in balance. The improvisation perspective is more of a right brain skill, while ‘teaching techniques’ is more of a left brain skill. I teach cello as well as “Inner Child Play” music courses to music lovers, instrumentalist (amateurs and professionals) of all ages and all stages of development.

The main purpose = creating intimacy with music through presence and trust

If your child is under 18 and you want to help him/ her have even better experience with their instrument- improvisation is the way to go. It’ll expands their understanding beyond what typical instrument teachers can give. Many teachers aren’t good improvisors. They focus mostly on the basic tools of how to play well, rather than how to listen well or come up with compositions on the spot. If we bring more improvisation consciousness to the world with a primary focus of improving our “listening skills” and our “creativity in the moment skills”- we will raise better “problem solvers” amongst us. Many kids learn to play instruments even better when they are left to themselves (unless they don’t really like the instrument they are playing). I’ve heard of many super talented kids that came up with their own original creativity. if you encourage them- they will know from an early age that they are capable of greatness!

What I offer:

My priority as a mentor is to listen carefully as well as teach “the art of listening” to what’s happening in each and every moment. Learning how to be present while playing an instrument will help you with everything you do. We will ultimately learn how to hear “everything” around us.

Taking instrument lessons is a powerful way to tap into joy. You or your child will learn how to become more aware of your mind as you learn how to be present with your instrument.

All lessons can be experienced either in person or online (parents welcome to attend).

You can either chose a minimum of 6 month private lesson or a 3 months Inner Child Play music course. Open to all ages. Its all about having fun, making music and learning to love the process!

For more info- please feel free to leave me a message below and I’ll be happy to answer and contact you within 48 hours.

Musically yours,


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