Robben Ford
Jazz Blues & Rock Guitarist

Ruti Celli is a rarity in music. A genuine, fearless, uniquely talented original. Over the years i have had the pleasure of working with and learning from some extremely talented industry musicians & artists. I rank Ruti among them!

Fernando Perdomo
Owner/Producer | Reseda Ranch Studios

When I first saw a flyer advertising a show by Ruti Celli I decided to attend based on the notion that I would be experiencing something unique. Little did I know that my anticipation would turn out minute compared to what I actually Observed. Ruti’s performance was both sublime and powerful with music, lyrics and vision that created an experience well beyond my expectation.

You can feel how Ruti reaches out to the audience with her addicted love of her music and the message it brings out. One can’t but feel and become part of the big picture of her performance. With the end of each tune I found myself anticipating the next one, knowing that it will please, excite and spiritually uplift. From that point on I became an avid fan of Ruti’s knowing that whenever I attend her show, I will walk away with a sense of well being and the satisfaction of knowing that being part of the experience was time well spent

Two Cell
Producer- UK

Ruti Celli is a masterful musician who’s technical mastery is equalled by her passion and ears. This is a rare combination for string players who usually cannot play effectively with no sheet music in front of them. This makes Ruti a perfect addition to any performing group or recording session. Her magical voice on the cello is perfection!

I honestly can say that Ruti is one of the best musicians I have ever worked with in my 20 plus years as a professional musician.

Ishay Sommer
Bass Player, Music Producer / CTO at Task36

Ruti Celli is an amazing cellist who is easy going and fun to work with. She is very focused at getting exactly what she envisions in her music productions. Im very pleased with our recent collaboration- the song “Some Days” which is now available on iTunes thanks to her production team. I recommend hiring Ruti for any songwriting and or music production project!

Christine Elise

I really like what Ruti Celli does. I like her style, her voice, she looks beautiful… seem very confident, relaxed and articulate. I’m impressed.

Frank Stroobandt
Guitarist & Composer

I hired Ruti Celli to perform at some of my high-end Real Estate events in Downtown Miami and I have to say she made an immediate impact! She was punctual, elegant and above all she beautifully performed her very own sensually delightful music. She was intelligent and engaging with the crowd. I received many thank you’s for hiring her. I believe she will fit in any setting and will deliver her outmost best to any client. Highly recommended.

Kate Eaton
Creator and Founder at Founder of Mishkhah, LLC /

I have had the honor to hire Ruti for several high profile corporate performances. I must say that in every instance, Ruti arrived on time, performed precisely what the client requested and exceeded all expectations. She has a unique style and blends her virtuoso musicianship with original and familiar compositions and she sounds as good as she looks as well.

Monty Bloom
Violinist / Monty Bloom Ensamble

“I have loved Ruti Celli’s music since i met her in 2009! I was thrilled to co-produce “Nocturnal Miniatures” with her as I immediately connected to her sense of composition & style. i enjoyed working with her on that album, she is one of the artists i love promoting on because i believe she is the real deal. her productions always amaze me…

Sharon Rauvola
Independent Concept & Creative Design Professional

I am relatively new to Ruti Celli’s music and am so glad I discovered her. She weaves such beauty in layers of sound from edgy keyboard sounds to smooth vibes, all supported by an acoustic cello that can only lull the listener into places of dreamy, moody and reflective feelings. I loose myself when I listen, forgetting the heaviness of the news of the day and remembering who I am on this planet. I recommend her work to all music lovers. Take a ride into her world of transcendent soundscapes with vocals that speak of our world, Mother Nature, love and hope.

Randy Singer
Randy Singer Music | Music consult and director at The Loews Hotel, Bodega, Aqualina Resort, Ritz Carlton, Soyka, Bayside Marketplace, Live It Productions and other prestigious venues /

Attending a live performance of Ruti Celli is a must for all music aficionados and should be put on the short list for those residing or visiting the South Florida area. Not because of the well performed and cleverly arranged interesting original music that she has been composing and producing for more than a decade, but because a Ruti Celli performance simply transcends.

The Ruti Celli experience offers audiences a welcome invitation to embark upon a sonic voyage of weaving textures, rhythms, motifs, and soundscapes that enlighten through the themes of love, life, devotion, spirit, playfulness, and to that which is timeless.

Highly recommended!
Randy Singer

Pablo Landi
President and Founder / Litus Music Entertainment LLC

Ruti performed outdoors at a yoga retreat I hosted in Miami. Her voice and talent was exceptional she added great value to the experience. All my guests loved her music. Would def hire her for future events

Gen- Eric
Gen- Eric

Ruti has always been reliable and extremely professional. She is an outstanding performer, extremely knowledgeable and know how to leave an amazing impression with everyone she interacts with. It is obvious that Ruti values integrity, excellence and creativity. I will always be honored to work with her.

Georgia G.
Yoga Instructor / GG Yoga

5 Star Rating

Mark Muilenburg
Music lover & Medical Imaging specialist

After being impressed with Ruti Celli’s performance in January 2014, I decided to hire her again to work with me for a very special proposal of marriage on Hollywood Beach. This client had an extremely complicated routine planned, with unfamiliar music (A Thousand Years and Marry You) and Ruti executed the cello part flawlessly, as well as performed other classical music with me while we were waiting for the couple to arrive on the beach. The girl said yes, and if the couple hires my company to provide wedding music for their wedding, I will be calling Ruti to play it!

Jay Linz
Broker & Music Lover | Coral Mortgage Bankers Corp.

I love looking for and discovering new unique music at the highest professional level. Recently I discovered the newly released album by Ruti Celli entitled “Its Just a Little Dream” now available through iTunes. This is by far my most exciting discovery recently. The cello based album contains a wide variety of songs written and sung by the artist herself.

It is beautifully obvious for even the first time listeners that her music is experiential and contains life philosophies from the heart as rarely expressed so perfectly! It is truly cross genre and cross generational. I highly recommend this unique and refreshing album to anyone who has the heart and care for a kinder world and hopefully a transforming one as well.