What is Intimate Cello all about?

Intimate Cello is a platform that offers tools to transform lives. It includes 2 healing modalities that offer you the road to understanding & loving yourself deeply. Intimate Cello is powered by The Human Design System, which offers you the road to reading & understanding your soul blueprint. It is offered by itself or in combination with the medicine of the cello sound as it’s tuned to A- 432hz.

Human Design is a ‘Self Remembrance Tool’. It offers you knowledge, while music in 432Hz offers you a tool to activate your Subconscious and together they bring your awareness into balance.  This balance can be experienced as an inner transformation of sorts.

Our services start from basic chart readings to advanced sessions that include sound healing activations- designed to assist you in assimilating all the information your chart provides.

This will benefit anyone to work better with anxieties, insomnia, lack of direction, exhaustion, fear of failure, fear of death, the limiting belief that you’re not good enough, confusion, unprocessed traumas.

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