My Improvisation Journey

I started loving the art of improvisation back in High School, in Israel (1992-1995). I always tell people how lucky I was to study in a school where all the music teachers were close buddies, some even met in high school and planned to create a music fun department where they would teach the kind of classes they always wished to have growing up and didn’t. And of these classes was Improvisation for Classical Musicians. We were very privileged. I remember learning at 16 years old to trust myself as I play even when I’m not sure what I am about to play. I learned how to be present and prepared for anything. This was the beginning of learning howe to meditate/ observe the mind, which is an art of being in the moment and able to see it from aside. These days I use Improvisation as an inspiration for myself and others to master the “Art of Trust”. I aim to bring high consciousness to any space with sacred intentions to help manifest progress in all areas of life for the benefit of all beings.

I’m open to collaborate with film makers, dancers, visual artists and other heartfelt musicians who feel drawn to be a part of this mystical journey. Consciousness is the only thing I truly care for these days and aim to utilize all of my skills to reach it. The cello happened to be a major part of my life since I was 8 years old, it only makes sense I’d implement it in my spiritual practice as well 😉

Here are some more videos to showcase what I do. The first one is intended for both potential sponsors and vendors who might want to get involved in this presentation and its potential significance to others. It talks about the performance concept as an art form or rather even “an act”: