‘Ruti Celli In The Moment’

In the spirit of yearning for more musical experimentations I have decided to further pursuit my Improvisation career by focusing on a new solo act called “Ruti Celli In The Moment”. This is an opportunity to expand my free improvisation skills and presentation, using a large variety of pedals, loopers and other effects. In August 2019, I released my first solo improvised recording called “The Endless Sea” which was done in one take with live effects.

I’m open to collaborate with film makers, dancers, visual artists and other musicians who would like to be a part of this mystical journey.

I yearn for freedom in which self identification disappears and I shift into giving myself entirely to the art of “becoming an instrument”- channeling divine energy. “Ruti Celli In The Moment” is the art of being “in the moment” creating music on the spot, relaying on self trust- which allows higher powers to provide me exactly what I need in each and every moment.