RutiCelli is multi talented creative musician

An International Touring Cellist

A Sensual Lounge/Soulful Chillout Music Producer & Publisher (Independent)

Improvisor Composer 

A Singer Songwriter

Over the past 10 years RutiCelli has recorded and toured with Cross Genre Piano Trio Take 3, Norwegian Actor Caroline Waters & Progressive Rock Producer Dave Kerzner. She appears on more than 40 albums worldwide as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter.  RutiCelli’s uniqueness is her passion for improvisation allowing her to ease-fully mix with every musical genre, for any event.

RutiCelli can be hired to facilitate SoundBaths in 432Hz. Her unique improvisation/composition skills allow her to create personalized experience for individuals wanting to experience more mental peace. 432Hz activates all “right brain functions” (imagination, intuition, creativity & your cosmic connection).

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