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Short Bio:

Classically Trained Cellist Ruti Celli Began Her Musical Journey At The Age Of 8, Exploring Music At The Highest Establishments In Israel.

With An Extensive Orchestral & Chamber Music Experience She Moved To The Us In 97′ To Complete Her Degree In Cello Performance With Prof. Laurence Lesser At The New England Conservatory Of Music After Which She Became A Member Of The Prestigious New World Symphony Orchestra In Miami.

She Participated In Numerous Acknowledged Summer Programs Such As The Tanglewood Music Festival, The Verbier Music Academy Festival, The Shleswig Holstein Music Festival, And The New Direction Cello Festival.

In The Past 12 Years, Ruti Became Involved In The Fields Of Music Production, Developing A Unique Genre Of Songwriting- A Cross Between Classical, New Age/ Acid Jazz, Lounge, Trip Hop & Dance Music.

Her Productions Evolved By Adding Her Own Sultry Vocals Which Led Her To Publish 2 Solo Albums- “Nocturnal Miniatures” And, “Its Just A Little Dream”-  On Which She Produced And Performed All The Vocals & Instruments.

In 2014 Ruti Established And Branded Herself As Ruticelli Expressing A New Meaningful Connection With The Cello As A Songwriter, Producer And Performer.

In The Past 2 Years Ruti Has Been Involved With Two La Based Collaborations:

1. Ferm & Celli-  An Improvisational Duo With Guitarist Extraordinaire Fernando Perdomo.  Together They Opened For Jean Luc Ponty At The Canyon Club (Los Angeles) And Release Their Debut Album “The Conversations” In February 2017.

2. “Into The Frequency”- A Project-Based On Ruti’s Original Material Expanded Into A Duo Collab By Adding Dave Schulz, Keyboardist & Songwriter (Berlin, Goo Goo Dolls) With Whom Ruti Plans To Release & Perform Their Material. Their Music Is About Self Contemplation, The Attempt To Evolve And Celebrate Life.

Other Collaborators Include Grammy Winner Record Producer Tom Polce, Colin Leibich (Plastic Dog Recording), Dave Kerzner (Sound Of Contact), Mixing Engineers Bob Rosa (Maria Carey/ Gloria Estefan), Oszy Carmona (Frank Farian) Singer/ Songwriters Robbie Gennet, Jim Camacho.

With A Supportive Soundcloud Fan Base Of Over 12,000 Followers Ruti Hopes To Reach Far To Audiences All Over The Globe, Via Spotify And Youtube- Spreading Messages Of Love, Kindness And Compassion.

Ruti Is The Musical Director At The Ruticelli Music Llc Where She Teaches Cello, Sound Programming, Composition And Improvisation.