Every week starting April 2021 I will have been holding community sound healing session over zoom

Topic: Collective sound healing experience in 432Hz

Duration: 90 min 


  1. Quiet room with no distractions
  2. Headphones 
  3. Willingness to be present to maximize the effects of the sound healing.
  4. Notebook to write your experience down 

Intentions: Educational, spiritual growth

What to expect: An open discussion- before and after all live performances. These are going to be live performances of channeled improvised compositions, played on the cello, tuned to 432Hz. This is a frequency known as the “harmonic intonation of nature” and has been shown to activate our DNA, by listening to the sound. It has been globally used in the New Age music market. Come open minded to learn about your body as it responds to the music.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 892 6987 7393

Passcode: 641403

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