Vibration is often related to the tuning system in which music is played. In 2020 I got exposed to the controversial topic of A- 440Hz and it’s intentional use in the music industry.  One can argue that music has played an instrumental key in hijacking humanity’s consciousness throughout the last 75 years. . In 1953 a worldwide agreement was signed supporting the decision that “Concert A” will be universally tuned to 440Hz. This universal A became the standard however, many people never approved of it due to the understanding that 440 Hz is out of alignment with nature. The universal mathematics of the sonic geometry (the patterns of the universe) do not harmonize with A 440 Hz. However, they do harmonize with A 432 Hz. Global News article from 2018 claims that” the Rockefeller Foundation had an interest in making sure the United States adopted the A-440 Hz standard in 1935 as part of a “war on consciousness” leading to “musical cult control”. In addition it mentions that the monopolization of the music industry features this imposed frequency that is herding populations into greater aggression, psychological agitation and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illness and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies and companies engaged in monopoly”. In other words- that is a rather shady industry, not supportive of human empowerment… Music tuned to 432 Hz shows to have many positive effects on the mind and the body due to its ability to activate the right brain functions (intuition, creativity & imagination) as well as the 7 chakras- which are the wheels of energy in our bodies. The music is a lot easier to listen to in this frequency- it sounds clearer and contains more of a dynamic range (making it less damaging to the ears). And when the body receives the sound in its pure form it activates the chakras while the energy flows freely, accessing higher levels of intuition. Intuition helps to access our creative powers while tapping into the higher vibration of inner peace. Music is an instrument for soul expansion. The music industry as we know it seems to be heavily manipulated by an agenda which has the ability to elegantly force humanity to listen to music which doesn’t promote its collective intuition, instead it promotes a false sense of self. Why?… you might ask… I believe it was so that they can control our ability to expand our DNA.. Humans that are out of their divine alignment are a lot easier to control. Magically more and more musicians seem to open up to their own vibrational expansion by introducing 432Hz to the masses again. I also decided to shift my entire online music store from 440Hz to 432Hz. Check it out


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