Hi there and welcome to my Audio Reel. 

I’m a classically trained cellist, vocalist, songwriter, composer, improviser, programmer, producer, writer and lyricist. 

You’ll find here 

  1. Recording projects I did for others (1-4)
  2. Recordings of pieces that are my own compositions, performances, programming, editing and mixing (5-8)
  3. Recorded Recitals (9-10)
  4. Recorded improvisations (11-12)
  1. (1-4) The first 2 songs are from the Fernando Perdomo album “Zebra Crossing” on which I performed (LA, October 2018). Perdomo is a guitarist and producer I’ve closely worked with for the past 10 years. Pieces number 3 and 4 are from Progressive Rock keyboardist & producer Dave Kerzner’s album “In Continuum” (LA, January 2019) with whom I’ve worked with in the last 5 years.
  2. (5-8) The first 2 pieces are from my 2014 solo album “Its Just a Little Dream’ and last 2 from my collaborative project with Duo “Into The Frequency” called “Manifestations” (2018-19). Most instrumentals &  midi performances were done by me and others by keyboardist Dave Schulz.
  3. (9-10) These 2 pieces were performed during my graduation recital at the New England Conservatory of music. First piece is Claude Debussy Sonata for Cello & Piano and the last from a Solo Suite by Benjamin Britten.
  4. (11-12) My improv duo Fern & Celli records/ performs doing %100 improvised material, on the spot. The first piece was recorded in Miami July 2017, and the 2nd at a live show at Kulak’s shed Los Angeles, April 2017.

Thank you for listening