From the ambitious journey of a classically trained cellist experiencing the world of performance- Ruti immersed into the world of healing music. Aligning herself with the ‘harmonic intonation of nature’ allows her to express the journey of self healing and reflection through her performance.

She appears on more than 40 albums worldwide as a cellist, vocalist and songwriter. Her most recent album, “Deja Vu” (released- October 2022) is a collaborative improvisation project named ‘Intimate Cello’.

In my spiritual evolution I connect to my instrument as a channel for the divine. I facilitate ‘Intimate Cello Sound Bath Experiences’ with the intention of creating a deeper connection with my audience.

Her gift for composing music on the spot accompanied by her choice to tune her instrument to A-432Hz is intended to present ‘Intimate Cello’ as a “Right Brain Art”, activating imagination, creativity & a deeper intuition within her audience.

Evolving from a traditional cello performance career she experienced the art of exploring musical genres both as a performer and a producer. She uses music creativity as a self development tool. In the last 16 years she composed more than 250 pieces and published numerous solo and collaborative albums as both a performer and a producer.

Her channeled live improvisation performances are treated as “offerings”, celebrating the impermanence of life. Her focus is on trusting the creative process since each piece is created & composed on the spot.

Her current creative projects are the publishing of live improvisation albums in 432Hz as well as producing ‘Earthing Music Activation Albums’ in 432Hz, as tools for evolutionary growth, offering a way of exploring the connection between our right brain activation and our inner growth journey.

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