Grounded High

A Musical Journey into Meditation


The contemplative peaceful energy of Ruti Celli’s album “Nocturnal Miniatures” gave birth to the idea of introducing the listener to each song with a guidance to go inside, applying a conscious mind to support the journey towards the” no-mind”.


A short and heart felt verbal expression of the idea behind each song turns into a sharing of the innermost layers, which Ruti Celli likes to tap into- in order to achieve healing, which is of high importance in this hectic world we live in.


The man of awareness loves- not because he needs love,
but because he has so much…
that he has too give…


“I love it how when I play I get such a warm and grateful reactions from the people in the audience, that were able to feel what I was bringing up. its so fulfilling.”


The Ruti Celli’s live “Grounded- high” performance is an experience that is perfect for those who are looking to hold meditation and yoga groups/ retreats with music.