Imagine a ‘self realization modality’ that brings a mystical component to its offering through sound vibration. In this case- the sound of a cello, tuned to a vibration known as ‘The Harmonic Intonation of Nature”- A-432Hz. This vibration shows to activate intuition, creativity, imagination and the ability to connect deeper to the cosmos within. It was predominantly what folks used on earth before the ‘Universal A’ agreement came about in 1939- dictating that all published music is to be recorded and distributed in A- 440Hz, a vibration that shows to block intuition and stimulate the left brain.

After I learned that I decided to create a private and public container for healing through an art I called “Intimate Cello”. Its entirely channeled and offers an introspective safe space for folks to sit together and tap into their inner powers in order to shift their reality from within. And I believe that when we can do this for ourselves we can be catalysts to create this outside of ourselves as well.

I invite collaborations with individuals who are connected to the world of healing events productions. Cross promotion is ideal although I welcome collaborations with established entities that have a strong following.

The healing experience happens as a result of 2 things: 1. The intention for devotional presence. 2. The music is played in a vibration that activates our intuition and connection to spirit.

Feel free to email me at, at your earliest convenience in you feel called to collaborate with us.

Thank you