Private Coaching

As I began exploring different styles of composition in my life I discovered my love for music programming and live improvisation. I notice how my creative flow began to flourish as soon as I allowed myself the complete freedom to tuning into my unique expression. I began enjoying new aspects of music making, which I never dreamed of.

Iā€™m offering: Creative composition and improvisation lessons in a form of 3 months courses. I’m open to work with all ages but prefer to focus primarily on adults who are already on their conscious creative journey.

Its all about having fun, making music and enjoying the learning process!
Please feel free to leave me a message below if you have any questions and I’ll be sure to contact you within 24 hours.

Musically yours,

Ruti šŸ™‚

Lesson Types:

  • Cello Lessons
  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Music Programming Lessons
  • Composition Lessons
  • Improvisation Lessons


(786) 342-8778