'Expand Through Sound' Services

Live Sound Healing Session-

By identifying your core wound (lowest vibration of emotion) we can step into a sacred space of intention to create an opening for change and consciousness expansion while listening to live music in 432Hz “The Harmonic Intonation of Nature”.

This live session takes place in a sacred healing studio and lasts an hour. It is available locally in the area of Sonoma County, CA.

Online Sound Healing Session- 

This session has the same intention as the Live Sound Healing Session and is catered to those who prefer to enjoy this experience online, at thier own comfort.
This option lasts 1 hour over zoom and requires a quiet environment for the entire session.

Cosmic Intuition Activation Course- 

In 2021 consciousness expansion leaders are talking about the need to “bring back the right brain into the driver’s seat of our consciousness”. The world we live in has been governed by left brain dominated consciousness which uses logic vs. feelings, acknowledgment vs. appreciation, knowledge based on facts vs. knowledge based on cosmic intuition amongst many other fascinating brain functions.
In this course we will explore what are the “right brain functions” and identify how we can use this knowledge to bring coherence into an expansion of consciousness and intuition.
You can tap into your own cosmic intuition just by listening to music in 432Hz- “The Harmonic Intonation of Nature”. Studies are showing that this frequency helps activating all right brain functions which allow for an opening beyond the mental conditionings we’ve been experiencing in the modern world.
These type of conditionings are based in limiting beliefs which keep us locked in a limited reality.

The course includes:
– Complimentary 1 hour intro phone consultation
– Personalized plan and recommendations
– Bi-weekly check-ins via video (or in-person, if you are local to the ‘Expand Through Sound’ Studio.
– 10 hrs of services
– Additional hours available at a discounted rate

What to expect:
– More Peace
– More mental and emotional flexibility
– More inspiration
– More balance in day to day life
– Better coherence in your relationships

Complimentary 1 hour intro phone consultation- 

The first step into any intentional healing journey starts by acknowledging you’re not exactly where you want to be in your life and still be perfectly ok with that. This in itself allows for a heart opening which is where the magic of this method is. We will identify your core wound together and apply the vibration of emotions chart to build a personalized method which we will discuss openly during the consultation. Finding out what you specifically need to improv in your life as well as what you’re looking to achieve- helps adding areas of focus for greater expansion.


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